Compost Colorado

These bags are 100% certified compostable and easily biodegrades in the composting process. They are made fully from plant starches and contain NO polyethylene!

Our 2 gallon sized bags are perfect for our Countertop Buckets! We recommend our Countertop bucket for the use of transferring your waste to your larger bucket. 

Our 8 gallon sized bags can be used for both the medium and large buckets! 

64 gallon bags are the perfect size for cleaning up your yard waste. Order a Yard Waste Haul so we can be prepared to pick up your yard debris for you!

We now sell biobags by the ROLL so you won't have to worry about restocking as often. Both our 2 gallon and 8 gallon sized bags will include 25 bags per roll. Our 64 gallon bags come in rolls of 10. 


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