Compost Colorado

**PLEASE NOTE: We recommend you purchase an Dishwasher Gel Refill Starter Kit before purchasing a refill.**

Start your zero-waste lifestyle today with a Simple Swaps Dishwasher Gel Refill. No need to buy plastic bottles or even leave the house! Our refillables have everything you need to stay clean and safe.

Refill is 16oz with Resealable Cap. We use Boulder Clean products!

Give your dishes, glasses and silverware a sustainable, sparkling clean. A lot goes on inside the dishwasher, and detergent has a tough job to do. It must dissolve stuck-on food, eliminate spots + be safe for the machine and the items inside. BOULDERCLEAN dishwasher gel succeeds on all counts.

Please return your bottles for us to use again and again! Simply place your bottle on top of your bucket and we'll take it from there!

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