Compost Colorado

Now that Spring is finally here there's no better time to clean up the yard and start those long anticipated outdoor projects. If you don't have enough space in your yard for a mulch pile, please compost it with CoCo. 

This service fee includes collection of up to 8 bags of yard debris already organized and ready for pick-up. We have an 8 bag limit due to vehicle capacity. 

If ordered before 11am ~ish~ the day before your pickup day, you can expect your yard waste to be hauled on your next bucket-swap day! 

NOTE: This does not include dirt collection. No yard-waste bag (or bundle) should weigh over 40 pounds. It should take our driver less than 15 minutes to load up from the curb. No landscaping [such as shoveling or raking] should be required. There will be additional costs if more time is required for collection.

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