Jacob's Gourmet Mushrooms

Jacob’s Gourmet Mushrooms is an organic mushroom farm, located right here in Denver, less than 2 miles north of the CoCo facility. Many of Jacob’s mushrooms have been available at restaurants in the Denver area since 2018. Now, all of these gorgeous mushrooms will be available for delivery, straight to your front-door!

All mushrooms will be packaged neatly in a compostable tin-tie bag, so be sure to tear out the aluminum tie before composting the rest! 

Pioppino mushrooms - Cyclocybe aegerita - otherwise known as The Black Poplar mushroom due to it commonly being found in habitats that Black Poplar trees reside. Pioppino mushrooms tend to grow in clusters, similar to Blue Oyster, boasting a brown-red cap, with a thin white stem, firm in texture with nutty undertones. This mushroom tastes very similar to the common Cremini mushroom found in every grocery store across America. An excellent addition to a variety rice, risotto, and meat based dishes.

Pioppino mushrooms are known for their potential to slow down the negative effects of osteoporosis. Just like many other mushrooms, they are also known to protect against diseases being high in antioxidants. Excellent addition to any diet, slowing down the aging process. Since Pioppino is rich in selenium, it is excellent at defending the body against chronic conditions like heart disease.

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