Compost Colorado

Hosting a party and want to ensure it's eco-friendly? 

Order a party kit today! Everything you need to host your gathering is included...and IT'S ALL COMPOSTABLE! 

Here's what you'll get: 

20- dinner plates

20- 16oz bowls

20- hot cups

20- cold cups

20- spoons

20- forks

20- knives

Napkins, a roll of bamboo toilet paper, a 60 gallon bio bag to collect all of your compostable items and food waste.  

Set your filled party bag out for collection with your next compost pick up.  

This party bucket is built to serve 10-15 guests.  Need more?  Order as many party buckets as you need.  

Hosting a large event of 50 guests or more?  Reach out our events team for event pricing and large-scale options.  

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