3rd Bird Kombucha

Based here locally here in CO, 3rd Bird Kombucha was started by Sara - a middle science teacher. Sara began the company to help her third born son - Silas with issues steming from his autism and wanting to provide healthy organic options for him that offer natural nutrition. 3rd Bird Collective offers a 3rd way- a drink that isn't too tart or too sweet. A drink that is accessible for all. A drink that doesn’t sacrifice quality.  But it’s also a drink and an attitude that says don’t mess with us. Because we stick together. 

CoCo Members! We have partnered with 3rd Bird Kombucha to expand our refill services. After you enjoy your delicious kombucha, be sure to put the empty bottle out with your bucket. We will swap these out with them and continue the zero waste movement!

Can we all just agree to start the holiday season right after Halloween? Like on November 1st? Because I’m ready for the lights, the cookies, the merriment, the APPLE CLOVE KOMBUCHA!

Cloves are best known as a sweet and aromatic spice. Yet cloves have many health benefits, including supporting liver health and helping stabilize blood sugar levels- perfect for the season of over-indulgence. And with organic Gala apples’ mild sweet flavor, this kombucha is the season is a glass. Or jar. Or however you’d like to drink it.

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