Bamboo Switch

About Bamboo Switch

They are parents who want better for the generation they are raising and beyond. Their journey started from the realization that a beach should not be filled with litter and washed up plastic waste. That walk led them to find products to start their eco journey. Others were limited and not trustworthy. So, with heart and determination they did better for their family, your family and every family.

A zero-waste life is their ultimate goal. Sustainability is the foundation of Bamboo Switch. They choose to see the beauty in the world while recognizing the sometimes-sad consequences when we choose convenience over zero waste. 

They started Bamboo Switch so that life can be a little easier for you on your own eco journey.


1 Bamboo Facial Roller

Product Details:

Our All Natural Facial Roller is made with a Bamboo Handle.

These handheld facial massagers are made to help with blood circulation, reduce wrinkles and rejuvenate your skin.

All rollers come in a bamboo net bag.


3 Different Options:

Rose Quartz: Increase Circulation, Promotes Production of Collagen, and Calms Sensitive Skin. Best Used at Night and for Soothing.

Green Jade Roller: Helps Reduce Puffiness, Help Tone and Firm Skin Cells, and Stimulate Collagen Production. Best Used in the Morning and for Balance.

Opal Roller: Good for all Skin Types, Can help to Cool and Refresh Fatigued Skin.

A perfect gift for anyone in your life!

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