Bidet Attachment for Toilet


  • ✅ INSTALL YOURSELF IN MINUTES - No need to be a DIY expert to install your bidet attachment! Just use the easy-to-follow instruction booklet or SCAN THE QR CODE for a stress-free installation experience with video walk-throughs and step-by-step guidance. All parts are included + 3 free bumpers in case your toilet seat needs them.
  • 😍 SLEEK DESIGN, LIFE CHANGING UPGRADE - No batteries or electricity needed. No hot water line running across the floor or hard-to-clean nuts and bolts! Simply a minimalistic, premium bidet attachment that will upgrade the way you #2. You’ll be s*itting pretty on your throne with adjustable water pressure control and a self-cleaning nozzle.
  • 🚽 QUALITY PARTS = PEACE OF MIND - Our bidet toilet seat attachment has corrosion-resistant parts that are double tested to withstand high pressure. We carefully selected materials with a solid brass valve, brass t-adapter, and stainless steel hose to ensure a long lasting, low maintenance experience.
  • 🌱 SAVE MONEY, PROTECT THE PLANET - Reduce TP usage to save money and fight deforestation. Betterway is all about a CLEAN BOOTY and a CLEAN PLANET. From plastic free packaging to offsetting carbon emissions through our Climate Neutral Certification, we are a small 🇺🇸 business with a big 🌏 mission!

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