Juniperseed Mercantile

These delightfully soft facial rounds are one of our most popular products and are made of minimally processed and environmentally responsible organic cotton fleece. Each round is made of a double layer of Organic, Unbleached Cotton Sherpa – an excellent biodegradable fiber that is strong, flexible, and plush.

Organic cotton utilizes crop rotation to improve and preserve soil quality, as opposed to conventionally grown cotton which relies on synthetic pesticides and fertilizers.  Use them for anything you would use a cotton ball or pad for – gentle cleaning, toner application, and makeup removal. Just run them through the wash and use again!  

Twelve precision cut, professionally finished 3″ rounds per package. Final measurements may be just slightly smaller than 3 inches due to the stitching process and handmade nature of the product. Please compost product at end of life.

Materials: bamboo/cotton fabric, cotton thread.

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