Amethyst Coffee

Amethyst Coffee: When you’re a barista, you learn a few things. You learn that coffee is really delicious. You learn that serving people is a really rewarding way to spend your days. And that being part of a passionate and engaged group of coffee professionals makes you feel a part of something. Then, you learn that it’s really, really difficult to make being a barista your career. You learn that the pay ceiling is too low, that you might never get health insurance, and that the thing that you love to do isn’t always valued the way that it should be. 

It was through these lessons learnt that Amethyst Coffee Company was born. Since opening as a barista owned and operated coffee shop in 2015, they have strived to create a space that all people - their staff, their guests, their suppliers - feel valued and supported in. They have tried to create a culture of radical accountability, and they don’t shy away from difficult conversations. Their focus isn’t just on coffee, but on the people that produce, make and drink it.

About: February House Blend is Amethyst's coffee shop flagship blend of seasonal coffees, designed to emphasize sweetness and balance in the cup. Versatile and approachable, this blend makes a creamy and sweet espresso that works great with or without milk, as well as a wonderful chocolatey filter coffee option. 

The components of this blend will change often with respect to seasonality, but the flavour profile will remain consistent. Currently, February House is comprised of Venteños, a washed coffee from Nariño, Colombia and El Puente, a natural processed coffee from Huila, Colombia. Look for a sweet and balanced cup, with flavours of black cherry, milk chocolate, and fudge. 

 75% Colombia Venteños / 25% Colombia El Puente

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