Peak State

Like coffee? How about coffee with benefits? Peak State is a local CO coffee company that helps you get even more out of your morning bean routine. A brain healthy light roast, a medium roast with immune support, and a dark roast with adaptogens, Peak State sells specialty whole bean coffee infused with nutrient-dense functional mushrooms (while leaving only a quality coffee taste). All coffee is shade grown, organic, and sold in revolutionary compostable coffee bags. 

Focus Light Roast (12 oz bag)

  • Fair Trade, Organic, & Shade Grown Ethiopian Origin, Light Roast
  • Notes: Citrus, Lemon, Sweet
  • +Lion’s Main for Cognitive Support and Cordyceps for Sustained Energy (250mg of each per serving)
  • Whole bean to preserve freshness & taste
  • 100% compostable coffee bag

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