Little John Produce Box

Little John Produce Box offers locally grown fruits and veggies with a cause. This fruit and avocado box features different sustainably sourced fruits available for delivery every week right to your door! Buyers may also donate produce boxes and eggs, which are distributed to local individuals and families in need.

After more than a decade in the coffee industry, LittleJohn was laid off from her job, along with countless other service industry workers. Many didn’t qualify for state and federal aid meant to sustain workers through the COVID crisis. In an effort to stay out of the grocery store and support local businesses during the COVID-19 crisis, Alexandra LittleJohn began purchasing her produce from restaurant suppliers whose usual buyers were closed for business. 

Generous donations to LittleJohn Produce Box Project have supplied families with boxes filled with fruits, veggies, and eggs. This is a community project, and all boxes that are donated to families of Valverde School District are hand delivered by some amazing teachers who have have generously volunteered their time.

Order your fruit + avocado box today and make a donation here!

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