Jacob's Gourmet Mushrooms

Jacob’s Gourmet Mushrooms is an organic mushroom farm, located right here in Denver, less than 2 miles north of the CoCo facility. Many of Jacob’s mushrooms have been available at restaurants in the Denver area since 2018. Now, all of these gorgeous mushrooms will be available for delivery, straight to your front-door!

All mushrooms will be packaged neatly in a compostable tin-tie bag, so be sure to tear out the aluminum tie before composting the rest! 

Blue Oyster mushrooms - Pleurotus ostreatus - are typically a cold weather variety, thriving in colder growing conditions, Blue Oyster mushrooms are more plump than other oyster mushroom varieties.

Oyster mushrooms are becoming more commonly cultivated around the world, and for good reason. They are very flavorful and nutrient dense. Oyster mushrooms are low in fat; yet rich in fiber, protein, potassium, vitamin B-6, folate, iron and niacin.

Mushrooms are one of the few foods that are plant based that can supply vitamin D. Ergosterol is found in mushrooms and it turns into vitamin D as it is exposed to ultraviolet light. To enhance the vitamin D content of your mushrooms, set them in the sun for an hour before cooking. Oyster mushrooms and other fungi are the only sources of ergothioneine, which functions as an antioxidant and lowers systemic inflammation.

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