Yummy Lotus

Founded in 2016, Yummy Lotus offers locally crafted vegan and gluten-free pepper jams made from only the freshest ingredients. They keep their recipes simple so you know exactly what is going into your body. Their passion is you and providing jams you can gather around and enjoy with the people you love!

Small Batch Love

All their jams are made by hand (they are a family team: Alexa, her husband Joshua and Dad, Randy) in very small batches. They quick cook our recipes in 10 L volume kettles, to retain as much color and flavor in the fruit as possible.

STEP 1: Create
The Owner & in-house chef, Alexa curates all the jam flavors by pairing her culinary knowledge with her eagerness to create unique, multi-layer flavor experiences. When creating a new jam, they play around with flavors and test them out until they are perfected.

STEP 2: Can
Canning the Jam is an important step in the process and allows our jams to stay on your shelves for a long amount of time without spoilage. The jars are cleaned and hot-filled, then put into a hot water bath to create an air-tight seal.


Choose from the following flavor varieties:


A spicy twist on a classic. Enjoy in a jalapeno popper for an extra punch, top baked brie or make an impressive tart.


The serrano pepper compliments the fruitful blackberry in true harmony with a delightful lime hint on the back end. Add this jam into cheesecake, mix into a mojito cocktail, glaze your pork loin or throw on top of cream cheese. This one is a must try!


A Yummy Lotus personal favorite! The sweet mangos and hot habaneros give this jar a perfect mix of sweet heat. Enjoy as a mango whiskey sour, put on salmon for the perfect glaze or enjoy over cream cheese and crackers


Meet the one that's good on everything! This smokey concoction is perfect for your morning scramble, a margarita, or glazing your chicken/ribs/wings. Even bake it in with handmade cornbread for an extra special treat!


A sweet treat with just the right amount of ginger and subtle hint of lemon. Put this jam in your oatmeal, mix into a paloma cocktail or make a unique syrup for your pancakes

Each order comes in a 6oz jar.

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