Glow + Gather

Glow + Gather hopes to inspire joyful living and gatherings with friends and family to celebrate moments - large and small.

They create personal care products, home goods, and spice blends designed to help you embrace your inner glow and gather your friends + family to spread joy.

Glow + Gather started with a simple philosophy:

  • create and share simple, high quality, effective products that contain pure, natural ingredients

  • enhance lives through creating connections and opportunities to help each other thrive

  • support our local + global community by building community relationships and non-profit partnerships, and maintaining a focus on sustainability

About: A cozy mix of warm spices, our mulling spice is crafted to add spiced flavor to your wine + apple cider. Cinnamon, allspice, oranges, cloves, and a hint of ginger, and black pepper… this blend makes it easy to create the perfectly spiced mulled wine and cider at home.

Suggested Uses: also grind up to use as a spice blend in baking, cocktails, or brew with your coffee grounds!

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