Me.Mother Earth

The Waste Less Shop is the embodied desire for a cleaner, more natural world. They provide affordable, sustainable alternatives to the single-use plastic items in your daily routine. They hope to help cultivate a society whose members are empowered and enabled to do better for our earth, and for those who follow after we are gone. It can seem overwhelming and inconvenient to change habits, but The Waste Less Shop is working to make those changes easier and more accessible.
The Waste Less Shop's plant-based soap pouches are environmentally friendly zero-waste staples for your daily plastic-free bathing routine. Made Of: Cotton fiber- soft cleansing surface. Sisal fiber from the agave plant- gentle exfoliating surface.
Use: Place bar of body soap or soap scraps in bag, lather with warm water, cleanse skin, remove soap, rinse, hang dry! Machine wash in warm water as needed, hang dry.

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