A zero waste replacement for your toothpaste. 

UNPASTE is better for the environment:
• zero waste and plastic-free.
• made without water

UNPASTE Tooth Tabs are a zero-waste alternative to conventional toothpaste. They are an effective, all-natural way to care for your teeth.  Formulated with care, these tabs contain everything your teeth need and no harmful additives, and each tab is perfectly portioned for one brushing.

One packet contains 125 tablets - approximately a two-month supply.

Effective. Our tooth tabs gently polish your teeth with cellulose, leaving fewer places for bacteria to attach. And less plaque and tartar buildup leads to healthier teeth and gums. Hooray! In fact, a clinical study showed significant plaque reduction after just 14 days of using our tooth tabs.

Safe. Unpaste is made in Europe and FDA registered. Our tablets meet strict EU health standards and are certified by Aktion Zahnfreundlich, a German organization responsible for reviewing oral hygiene products.

Less abrasive. Unpaste protects your teeth and gets them squeaky clean for that “just-after-the-dentist” feeling. A clinical study showed that our tooth tabs, with their low abrasion (or RDA) value, removed plaque as well or better than toothpaste with higher RDA values.

No fluff. Our tooth tabs contain no preservatives, SLS, sodium saccharin, artificial colors, aluminum or nanoparticles.

Good tasting. Just the right amount of fresh and clean. No weird aftertaste or filmy feeling.

Vegan & cruelty free. We don’t use animal-based ingredients or test on animals.

Sustainable. We use waterless, carbon-neutral manufacturing and no-waste, compostable packaging made from paper and corn starch.

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