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It’s hard to argue with a best seller, especially when it's our vegan reusable food wrap! Our Khala Cloths™ reusable vegan wax wraps combo pack is not only made from consciously sourced, 100% plant-based ingredients, it’s a versatile grouping of wraps that you can take just about anywhere. We’d compare it to your kitchen drawer with all the Ziplocs in it, but this vegan reusable food wrap combo pack will last you a year (if not more), with no repurchasing and landfill donation every other month. 

Heading out for a hike this weekend? Wrap a sandwich in your LARGE, fold a bag for your trail mix with the MEDIUM, and if you’re bringing along a four-legged friend, carry their food and treats in the SMALL and MINI! 

Focusing on your cooking skills? With a MINI or a SMALL wrap, cover a jar of homemade jam, fold a bag to hold leftover herbs (because there are always leftover herbs), or whatever else you might normally use a bit of plastic wrap or foil for. With a MEDIUM, you can maintain the freshness of roasted vegetables by spreading over the cooled baking dish post-meal, or for outdoor dining, keep the ants off that juicy half a watermelon and bring a friendly floral smell to the picnic with a LARGE 

Product details:

  • Contains one Mini (6x6 inches), one Small (7x8 inches), one Medium (11x11 inches), and one Large (13x13 inches) 
  • Made from a 100% plant-based mix of natural waxes and oils 
  • Washable, reusable, compostable 
  • Self-adhering – the more you twist and fold, the better it sticks! 
  • Versatile - fold into a bag to enclose your food, cover a casserole dish or fresh produce 
  • Durable – with care and love our Khala Cloths will last over a year, and can last longer (check our FAQ for some tips) 

This product was recommended by Treehugger 2021!

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