Spinster Sisters

Throw these natural wool balls into your dryer to help laundry dry faster. They agitate clothes or towels and can be scented with essential oils to make the laundry smell wonderful! Sold individually.

Apply a few drops of essential oil if desired, then add into dryer with wet clothes. For best results, use three or more dryer balls per load. Apply essential oil after the scent dissipates, in approximately 10-15 loads.

These wool balls result in up to 25% savings on drying time when added to your laundry. Roughly the size of a wiffle ball, they are made from natural wool from New Zealand and help you to avoid synthetics and petrochemicals in your laundry. As an added bonus, you can scent them with a few drops of essential oil to make your laundry smell exactly as you please. They are especially great for households with sensitive skin. We recommend purchasing a set of 3, or up to 5 for larger dryer loads.

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