YARD WASTE PICKUP - $10 per bag

Compost Colorado

There's no better time to clean up the yard! 

This service fee includes pickup of ONE 30-gallon compostable yard waste bag  (limit 8 bags per household due to van capacity).  

If our vans fill up, your yard waste pickup may happen the following week.  

Price is $10/bag. Please order accordingly. 


-Yard waste MUST be in compostable bags-plastic trash bags will not be picked up

(don't have bags? we sell them on our shop for a reasonable price)

-This does not include dirt collection.

-No yard-waste bag (or bundle) should weigh over 40 pounds.

-It should take our driver less than 5 minutes to load up from the curb.

-No shoveling or raking should be required. 

-There will be additional costs if more time is required for collection.

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